Drug Rehab Programs

There are multiple treatment options available for those who seek drug rehab in New Hampshire. If you are suffering from an addiction, substance abuse recovery programs can give you access to the tools and resources that will help you begin the process of healing. When considering drug rehab, there are a few ways to prepare before choosing the right program.

Why drug rehab in New Hampshire?

Drug addiction recovery makes it possible to begin caring for your overall well-being and offers you the chance to regain your life. Drug rehab in New Hampshire will allow you to get help and guidance from a trained and professional staff. Therapists are skilled in making sure that you’re ready to exit the treatment program and can provide you with follow-up care to maintain a high level of accountability to avoid relapsing.

By enrolling in addiction treatment in New Hampshire, you can learn common triggers that cause you to return to using drugs and receive counseling to determine underlying causes of the addiction. You’ll also gain new relationships with other individuals who have similar struggles, which can make it easier to maintain your focus as you recover. The programs will also focus on strengthening bonds between you and your family when possible to provide you with a strong, educated support system to return to.

Both outpatient and inpatient drug abuse treatment in New Hampshire are available, and there are different programs designed to benefit teenagers and adults. You can determine the right program for your needs based on your history of drug use and lifestyle. You’ll gain new tools and resources to continue your sobriety with extensive therapy and professional assistance in a controlled environment that is drug-free.

The outcome of the addiction treatment that you receive will depend on the extent of your addiction, the availability of additional services and the quality of interaction between you and the professionals on-site. For more information on drug abuse treatment in New Hampshire, call our addiction specialists today at (866) 269-8588 today.

Inpatient drug rehab

Inpatient drug rehabilitation in New Hampshire is a viable option for those who want full-time help recovering from addiction. You’ll receive an assessment after entering the drug treatment facility, and you can expect to stay in an inpatient drug abuse program for a minimum of a month. The length of treatment depends on each individual and if they’ve relapsed in the past.

Drug detox is the first step taken once enrolled in rehab. You’ll be monitored 24 hours a day by a medical staff who will track your temperature, heart rate and breathing to avoid complications that could develop. Although you may be provided the option to detox at home, it’s considered safer to go through the process under the supervision of professionals to avoid a negative experience. Detoxing takes one to two weeks to complete and often involves side effects such as headaches, fatigue, sweating and chills. Medications are often used by medical professionals to alleviate your discomfort and reduce the risk of relapsing.

Daily activities to be expected in inpatient drug rehab programs include group therapy sessions, behavioral health therapy and personal time. Family members may also attend therapy sessions to work through issues that have developed, which can strengthen your relationships. Working on your personal relationships can make it easier to remain motivated to stay clean long-term.

Most individuals who receive inpatient drug rehab treatment transition into sober living homes after completing their first drug abuse program.

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